Not Really Successful . . .

I had a gum graft on five bottom teeth four weeks ago.  Half of it fell off.  Yah, not pretty and not comfortable either.  I am still not sure why, neither is the doctor, although for some reason he's convinced it will work the next time.  He wants to do it again in three weeks after my mouth has more time to heal.  I'm just not confident enough at this point to go through with this again, at least with this doctor.  I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions from people.  I really haven't come across many people that this has happened to.  But now my condition is worse than it was before surgery.  Extreme sensitivity and pain because three roots are exposed.  Currently it is covered with putty which is helping a lot, but I'm nervous about when it falls off.  We just aren't sure what to do.

iljfatt iljfatt
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1 Response Apr 29, 2007

I'm sorry about your situation.<br />
Try asking the doctor about previous success stories. Then maybe you'll be able to determine if he/she is a good doctor or if you have the get the procedure done elsewhere.