Not As Bad As What Some May Say...

I just had a gum graft this past Wednesday (5/16) and I was totally paranoid about it. People who I knew who had the procedure in the past told me horror stories about the pain, and about the actualy procedure itself. As recommended by family friends, I actually decided to go with a heavy sedation rather than a local anesthetic (mainly because I am a scardey cat about all dental procedures AND because the periodontist told me it would be an hour long procedure).... I would definitely recommend it to everyone because the entire first day I didn't feel pain OR know what was going on.

The first 2 days were really uncomfortable---mainly the roof of your mouth where they take gum from to graft to the front. It is sort of like burning your pallete with incredibly hot soup or tea (or whatever hot drink you prefer). But since yesterday (Saturday), things have been fine. I have a bit of a lisp from the stitches on the top of my mouth and it is impossible to eat anything that you have to chew on excessively (I recommend scrambled eggs for some protein!!!--- really easy to get down and sometimes you need something other than pudding and ice cream).... BUT overall, I would say all is well.

I get my stitches off and the dressing over the front part where the actual graft is this coming Thursday.... I will definitely update upon seeing the results and what happens next with the surgery!

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Just curious, how much did this procedure cost you?