My Gum Graft...advice?

Hi all...I had a gum graft done Friday 5/18/07 on my 4 lower front teeth because of some gum recession. I am 26 years old and it was because I had braces over 10 years ago and since those 4 lower front teeth were really crooked, fixing them weakened my gums. Nice, huh?

So I had the procedure done and it didn't hurt much because I had TONS of shots of novacaine. I just felt pressure and my jaw and head hurt because of the pressure. Right after they were done I had a lot of bleeding which was gross and I had to learn to swallow excess blood/saliva when I got home. I was pretty swollen and used the gauze they gave me to stop the bleeding. When I got home my periodontist told me to use a tea bag that had been soaked in cold water to help stop the bleeding. Boy, did that work! The cold water felt good too. I had some sort of gel bandage on it but some came off the first day. The first couple days were pretty bad because I was in pain, took vicodin and then felt dizzy/nauseous/drowsy. I stopped the vicodin on Monday and went to the prescribed ibprofen. I can only eat soft foods like applesauce, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc. Soft pasta cut up in pieces works too. Sleeping sucks because I have to prop up my head and sleep on my back and I am only comfortable sleeping on my stomach. :(

It is now Thursday 5/24 and my palate where they took the gum for the graft still hurts and aches. I am bruised on my chin but I know that is normal.  My palate feels slimy and I am hoping it heals soon because I am going out of town 6/8. I'm not sure if the sliminess is part of the gel bandage or just the actual wound. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for the palate to feel normal again? I get the sutures taken out of the bottom on 6/1 and the gel bandage is still on so I haven't really had any problems with the bottom teeth but just with the palate. The pain meds don't really seem to work just aches, anytime when I try to drink or eat anything. I just want to be better before I get out of town and the perio said 3 weeks should be fine but now I am not so sure. Now I am scared the graft won't "take." I can't really look at it anyways and the gel bandage is still on. I swish with salt water and can brush the unaffected teeth and my tongue.

Any advice?
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HI I may have to have a graft done and was wondering why you weren't put under for the procedure? Did your palate end up healing fine?<br />
<br />
Thanks for any advice!

Just curious, how much did this procedure cost you?