Not Bad So Far..

I had a gum graft + frenectomy this morning. It was not bad at all! I am surprised that so far, I still feel no pain. The procedure was very easy. They gave me some kind of drug to calm me down when I got there half an hour early, which was helpful but I was still completely awake and aware. The only uncomfortable part was the second shot of novocain I received. The first one was virtually painless because he numbed the area with numbing gel very well beforehand. I'm not sure why he didn't just do the same to the next area, but he didn't so I felt the needle which was basically a pinch. It's not a fun feeling but the pain is not really that bad. Plus I find the pain of a needle is worth it to avoid the pain of the actual procedure.
Once I was very frozen, he started by doing the frenectomy. I have had this procedure before and it is not in any way uncomfortable. Oh I should mention something here. Throughout my whole operation, someone would come in and take pictures of the progress basically. The frenum before and after, the tooth recession before and after, etc. I was at my actual dentist's office because he is also an oral surgeon so it was fine since I knew everyone including the girl taking the pictures. It was just kind of funny to be bleeding and in the middle of surgery then get this camera flashing in your face. Anyway, the next step was removing the tissue from the roof of my mouth and I could kind of tell that's what was going on but really felt no pain or anything. That got stitched up quickly. Then it was just a matter of putting the piece of gum onto my tooth with the recession, which involved more stitches and was done pretty quickly as well! I guess it might have been the drugs they gave me, but the time just seemed to fly right by.
Now I am at home and have not been in any pain all day long. The novocain has worn off and I just took one of the Tylenol 2's I was prescribed just to make sure I don't feel any pain. I have some kind of glue over the 'donor site' (roof of my mouth) that apparently will last a week to cover the stitches. I have eaten apple sauce, soup and yogurt and I am also drinking lots of water. Overall my mouth just feels kind of normal right now. Hopefully it stays that way. So now you know, my experience involved no pain for the first day! Just at home relaxing. This actually came at a good time, it was
almost -40 outside this morning where I am and now I get to stay home for the next couple of days out of the cold :)

About Me - I'm 21, I live in Canada, I had braces which probably caused this recession from my teeth moving and then my frenum began pulling on my gums, I have had my wisdom teeth removed (I would take this over wisdom teeth removal any day), I previously had a frenectomy as a child that also went well but recovery was kind of painful, this is much better so far.
tisha44 tisha44
Jan 23, 2013