Gum Graft On May 15, 2007

I had a gum graft almost 2 weeks ago on my upper and lower left side of my mouth.   It was a very long procedure and not a very good experience so far.    They gave me allot of novacaine along with nitrous oxide.  My left side of my face was swollen for 5 days even though I used an ice pack as told.  I took antibiotics for a week along with the antibiotic rinse, salt water rinse, and 50/50 listerine rinse.  I took vicodin and Aleve for a few days and then the pain subsided.  Tomorrow I have my follow up appt. and I can't wait to get this puddy stuff off my gums and to see if the procedure worked.  Some of the testimonials I read are very scary and I did not realize that there was a possibility of this not taking.    Another thing I am worried about is that I woke up today with terrible pain where I had the procedure done.  I can't understand why.  If it wasn't Memorial Day, I would call the Periodentist today but since I still have Vicodin, I took one and it doesn't help that much, it is just making me sleepy.    Has this happened to anyone 2 weeks after the procedure?    I will keep you posted after my appt. tomorrow and let you know how it all turned out. 

5/31/07 - Periodontist took off dressing and stitches on Tuesday.   He said it looks like everything is healing well but the worst tooth didn't take.   He wants to see me in a month and decide whether we should re-do that one tooth.  Still in severe pain and it is now Thurs.   Dentist said it could be from having the stitches and dressing on so long and food getting lodged.  They ran out of the soft brushes so the assistant said she would drop it by my house since she doesn't live that far from me.  I thought that was very nice but still have yet to see the brush, I offered to come back and get it but they only work out of my dentist office on Tuesdays.   I go to work everyday in such pain and I ran out of Vicodin which I only took before going to bed around 11pm.  By 3am, I wake up in pain and take an Aleve.   Everyone is so sick and tired of me moaning about the pain.  I always had such a high pain tolerance but this pain is worse than labor pains.  It mainly hurts after I brush my teeth and rinse and after I eat or drink.   I don't think I will go through with the other side or re-do the tooth that didn't take.   Sorry to be such a downer on the whole thing....

UPDATE:  6/5/07 - Very good news.  I am finally out of pain!!!   I called the Periodontist on Friday and he called me back.   I let him know that it doesn't make sense that the pain was getting worse and if anything, I would have thought it would be easing up.   He told me that I might have an additional infection or that I might be clenching my teeth at night.   He also said on my next appt., he would put some kind of coating on my teeth. ???  He prescribed a Z-pak (antibiotic) and a higher dosage of Vicodin.  By the second day I was on the antibiotic, I felt so much better and only had to use 2 Vicodins.   I will save it for next time in case I decide to go through with it again.



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If u had nt undergone that procedure then u wud ve undergone much more pain in terms of loss of teeth and rehab.. so m happy for u in that

Just curious, how much did this procedure cost you?