Greetings Fellow Graftees

hi all, so glad I found this site.

I had my second graft on 5/25 on tooth #29 for you techies. First graft was in 1996 on the other/right side. The technique has changed since then THANK GOD. in 1996 they took a HUGE slice off the palate and smacked it below - the healing was prolonged and painful. This time, they still took from palate but less and then did like this kangaroo pouch type technique where they stuff the tissue in there beneath the tooth. MUCH better healing this time.

So I was feeling so confident that by day5 or so I "cheated" and had a favorite salty crunchy snack...sticking to the other side of the mouth of course. boy did I pay the price - major low-grade throbbing on the other side of mouth! but all seemed ok...

went in Friday 6/1 for week one visit. didn't know about the white tissue/scab I read about here! thought it was a bandage! well that all came off and the perio said it was healing nicely, see ya in 5 weeks.

his cheeky young assistant though gave me the third degree about my cheating and warned me sternly that the first 2 weeks are critical. I have noticed sensitivity in the area where there is still recession and some root exposure. it's the Periodex mouthwash mainly. The perio said I can wean off of that in the next week and just use warm water and a Q-tip. The asst said not to brush there for a month.

now I am getting paranoid. the site is all pink etc but it doesn't seem like the root will be all the way covered...the perio spoke of 60% coverage. so my question is, is this normal??


ps really feel for those of you with multiple surgeries and/or those that didn't "take" - I too had my first graft fairly young at 24 (am now 35) and mostly genetics/thin tissue as well as years and years of awful orthodontics in my youth. Also I grind/clench as well and wear a nightguard - not that is has helped; I've had root canal surgery twice in tooth #30 adjacent to this graft area!!


UPDATE: Spoke with another perio at the practice today. It appears I will still have recession and some root exposure b/c that part of the graft didn't take...however there is a band of tissue forming below that will prevent further recession. I am still in discomfort with sensitivity and taking Ibuprofin...he told me to clean the area with a toothpick and mouthwash to prevent plaque from forming. Other than this I think I am in the clear.

he also said grafts are sooo variable in their results and you never can say exactly what makes one succeed or fail. I don't think it was my post-op behavior for one but I didn't take my antibiotics (not that it's infected, but read about that here) so will be doing that now.

will keep this updated. appreciate any comments or support.



Happy endings! it's like I never had the surgery. The tissue is all melding in and I am barely aware of it at this point. Even the root exposure and sensitivity has improved. I had been cleaning the area with Peridex using a toothpick and now I can pretty much handle the full-on stuff without wincing, like before. It looks like the tissue may be covering more of the root that it first appeared. I am so relieved.

I did notice during the first 2 weeks that any spicy, alcohol, acids of course were bad news. It was like that side of my mouth was throbbing and sore, and not even the tooth that was grafted. I guess I would say this folks - expect the unexpected. Your whole mouth and body are really messed up - from drugs, not being able to really chew or eat , or even enjoy food. But I am virtually back to normal now.

And finally - ASK FOR , NO, DEMAND THE NITROUS!  You will not regret it!


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Jun 3, 2007