Gum Graft Dec. 28

I searched out info on this experience because I was so caught off guard by how miserable the recovery is.  Now that I've read some of your stories, I don't feel so bad.

First, let me tell you that I have a long and colorful dental history, so I am not unfamiliar with too much.  I had a mouth full of cavities as a kid, so I have spent many years and procedures in the dentist office trying to correct this.  Finally, about  3 years ago (after yet another root canal and repair work on permanent bridges) I had total mouth reconstruction, including cosmetic work to straighten and beautify my front teeth.   This took about a year and I spent marathon sessions (5 to 6 hours) in the dentist chair at times in order to get the job done.  So you get the picture, I am no wimp when it comes to the dentist.

But this gum graft has got to be the worst thing I have had done, mostly because it was not well explained.  My dentist said "no big deal, they take a little piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and replace the lost tissue below your bottom teeth."  The periodontist said "take it easy for a day, here's some pain pills, but most people just use motrin, etc."  Use ice IF there is swelling.  So, I believed it!  It is a good thing I am off from work for the holiday, and I'm hoping to be ok by next Wed. when I have to go back.  Swelling and pain were awful, it is starting to ease up today.  I am eating the same things you all describe, and it is gross with the stitches, etc.

Happy New Year--thanks for the support and confirmation of this "piece of cake" procedure.  Since I can't get a hold of anyone until Tuesday, at least I feel like its normal and nothing to worry about.

(My brother sliced his hand on Christmas with a sharp new knife, doing nerve and tendon damage--and he's doing better than I am!)
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2006

Doing just fine--as is usually the case, the memory of how miserable you were fades once everything is back to normal. As I mentioned, the results were excellent after everything healed, so it was worth it. I still don't know if I would do it again, so I hope it doesn't come up. But at least I'd know what to expect next time.

How are you doing now?