1 Day In

Ok, so I had my gum graft done yesterday.

The dentist had given me Ativan prior to the visit cuz of my anxiety attacks.

I was fine through out the procedure...I actually almost fell asleep twice.

When it was over I felt fine except I don't remember what after care instructions she gave me.

She gave me a bag of stuff including a small tube thing with clear stuff in it.

I am not sure if that is some special tooth paste or stuff to numb the areas if they get sore.

I got a stint too. It is a retainer they made prior to the procedure.

It covers the roof of my mouth so I can't feel the stitches or anything.

Thank goodness!

The only negative side effects so far are the horrible after taste of the blood, I feel nauseous...it is hard to even keep water down but I am terrified of vomiting and losing a stitch.

I feel like I am getting dehydrated.

Pain is not an issue cuz I got Vicodan. Thank goodness cuz I did have pain about 6 hours after the procedure but took a Vicodan and the pain went away.

Now I am just hungry and feel dehydrated.

Not too bad of an experience all in all.
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2006

Things are great! No, I haven't had any late side effects.<br />
<br />
Actually I got released from the periodontist and now have braces! I am super excited about it.

I'm glad your procedure went so well! Are you still holding up? Any late side effects?