Don't Be Afraid!

I am now about 36 hours post gum transplant.  I had two teeth done with a palatal graft.  I have had no bleeding, no pain, no drugs, and no swelling.  Perhaps I am just lucky, but I think finding a good surgeon was key (and, of course, there's some measure of luck there as well).  Thank heavens it has gone as well as it has, because I have more to come.

Some folks in this group seem to have had truly terrible experiences.  I suspect they are in a vocal minority.  If you need this done, don't be afraid to do it.  I hope your experience will be as postivie as mine.
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2007

Look. This is not a political campaign. My point is that the dental profession needs to provide full disclosure about the variability in pain experience and outcomes. Happy talk is totally inexcusable and does a disservice to the community. My favorite quote is "Subterfuge is the craft of mediocrity."

Thank you for providing a story about a positive experience, its nice to see a balanced view :-)