Too Much Brushing...

Some thoughts after three procedures-
Doing the front teeth with a cadaverous graft (Thank You!) involved a little pain, a lot of lip swelling, and a relatively rapid recovery. The swelling lasted about a week; the pain was pretty much gone in about 5 days. There were a lot of suture ends sticking out that were annoying for a couple of weeks.

Doing the molars with my own palatal tissue was more painful, taking longer for recovery, but was free of any noticeable swelling. There was quite a bit of bleeding for the first 24 hours; keeping a gauze pad over the palate helped curtail the ooze. Working the following day would have been difficult because of this issue.  The palatal donor site was very painful intermittently for about 2 weeks then cleared completely. It seemed like the periodic accumulation of subcutaneous fluid over the area was responsible; as a lump grew the pain increased; when it drained, the pain disappeared. Eating potato chips, toast, and spicy foods was true torture, although on one occasion a chip punctured the blister and I came out ahead.  There was only occasional discomfort in the teeth at the site of the grafted gums themselves. The suture annoyance was minimal. Pain medication was helpful, but not an option while working. In retrospect, I should have used some of the prescribed sleep aids.

I'd do it again to save my teeth, but I'd be more careful about the timing, allowing 2 or 3 weeks afterwards before being stuck trying to eat in public...
Gumless Gumless
46-50, M
Jun 15, 2007