Yea! I Did It!

Had my gum graft yesterday! I had been putting it off..such a chicken! The doctor and his staff could not have been nicer! I had three or four (I'm really not sure) front teeth done. He used the donor tissue (cadaver). I tell you....there was no pain at all. I had a bit of a headache later...really, just a headache. But took Motrin, felt fine after that.

I am a tad bit swollen today, but still no pain at all! If I had know it was this easy, I would have had it done much sooner.

I guess after reading all these other stories, that the cadaver tissue is the way to go. Why don't they always use that? Anyone know? SO much easier on the patient! 


So....another day now. Still no pain! Not as swollen, but a nice bruise is forming on my jaw line. Nothing a little make-up won't hide. Took some Motrin last night before bed as a precaution...but slept great, didn't need it after all, I guess. Still using that special rinse, and the antibiotics the Dr. prescribed.


So now its been about three weeks since the graft. Had a little bruising and a little swelling. But no pain. After reading all the other stories......I can't help but think...."did he do it right??" I got the stitches out last week...he said it looked great, just like it's suppose to look after two weeks. One of my teeth is a little sensitive, and one looks like it is still receeding. But he said everything is ok. I go back in two more weeks for another check-up.

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I had a quote from a different periodontist a few years ago for the cadavar graft (I've been putting the surgery off, too). I actually asked my current surgeon why he would use my own tissue instead of cadavar tissue. He said that more studies are in showing success rate are higher on using self-tissue, plus it's less expensive.