Could Be Soon.

I am fourteen, so I don't brush as often as I need to, but that's a different story. My two bottom kanines have receding gumlines. It's pretty far down. I tell my mother that I need a gum graft. She's in denial and thinks that brushing my teeth more often will bring my gums back to their normal state. But it is to laugh.
Frito Frito
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Thanks. That makes me glad I have a huge bottle of Listerine.

I have the same thing, but it's hereditary and not related to poor hygiene. Mom should be more worried about your teeth falling out than being right, and she should take you to the dentist. However, moms don't always do the right thing. After all, they are only human. Hopefully she'll take you for your regular checkup soon and the dentist will tell her what needs to happen. Meanwhile, use a lot of Listerine or Peroxyl (my favorite) to keep irritation and inflamation down. Good luck!