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i started losing my baby teeth very early and had all my permanent teeth by the time most of my friends were losing their first baby teeth!

as their permanent teeth grew over the years i began to notice mine were not like theirs ... it was as if i had EXCESSIVE gums.  when i smiled all you saw was gums!  i began not to smile with my mouth open anymore. 

i suppose i was 16 when i asked the dentist why my gums were like this.  he didn't have much of an answer but he offered to fix it for me for free if i would allow him to showcase his work for free.  SURE!  SIGN ME UP!

day of the procedure no big deal right?  really it wasn't though until afterward and prolly not for the reasons most would think.

the excessive gum growth was on the top.  i went in, had a few shots of novacaine, whip whip and the up and coming cosmetic genius was done.  he sent me away with antibiotics, demerol (i'd soon learn that was his personal favorite - eek!) and some gauze.  he also told me to stay on a soft diet for about a week.


mom couldn't take the entire day off work and i was supposed to have a 'babysitter' after the procedure - for whatever reason.  so she dropped me off at my best friend's house.  it was summer break.  her cousin and lil sister lived with her and it's where we all went to 'party.'

i soon found myself drinking OJ and vodka, smoking, smoking a bowl and eating pizza of all things (thanks munchies!)  i suppose it was somewhat like cauterizing a wound, eh?

while this was not the smartest thing to do, and while it burned insanely (much more than it already did,) i had no swelling, no bruising, no ANYthing the next day.  i had no need for the demerol nor any need for ibuprofen!  the best thing of all - i had a beautiful smile!

so here i am 15 yrs later and the bottom gums are receding excessively - quite the opposite problem i once had on the top.  how messed up is that?

anyway - recently the dentist told me that i will end up doing a graft one of these days.  i have to admit ... i'm kinda scared about it despite the last procedure success.  i mean ... i don't drink anymore, i don't smoke anything but the ocassional cig and well all my friends have grown up and moved away ... so how will it turn out?  will it be worse than the first?  i can't imagine it being any easier than that...


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3 Responses Jun 22, 2007

hehe... hmmm wow the total opposite.<br />
<br />
you sound like you're real brave so im sure you will be fine. <br />
<br />
but yeah keep off the smoking and stuff, it will help you heal better and quicker.<br />
<br />
Best of luck!

thanks, Erica ... i sure hope so too!

Funny how when something goes so well, we just don't want to try our luck again. I hope the second graft goes as well as the first!