6/19/07 Three Teeth Pulled and 2 Gum Grafts

I am now on day 6 of recovery from this dental nightmare. The procedure itself was actually very pleasant. I had an I.V. with Versed and also had nitrous oxide. I have had 3 c-sections with epidurals and a gallbladder surgery with general anesthesia and no problem with any of these procedures. But,I  was especially pleased with I.V. anesthesia. woohoo!! 

My dental history is like a story from Job, but i still have never experienced anything like this. My main complaint is with my dentist/office and the lack of patient education. I was told to take the next day off from work, but should be back up to speed on day 2. HA!!! One employee told me that I could chew normal food with the good side of my mouth. The other employee said soft food. The main problem is that I do not HAVE a good side. I had two teeth extracted on right upper side, graft on right lower, graft on upper left and tooth extracted on upper left. I am impressed with those who have such a cavalier attitude regarding the suture material and the putty!! I have never considered myself on the UP side of vain, but this stuff is esthetically hideous!!  I do not feel that the pain is a problem,but the disruption to one's everyday routine is surprising if you are not prepared!!I guess i am compelled to write to recommend anyone contemplating this procedure to make sure you ask MANY and ALL questions that may pop in your head, and to advise you not to partner gum grafts with extractions!! My dentist gave me the impression it was a "piece of cake"! OH...the things I would like to do to that man with a dental drill and scalpel right now!!!! BUT I am encouraged to read of positive outcomes and I will try to be upbeat during this recovery process, as I know mental attitude is a huge factor in successful recovery!!  TRAVELING MERCIES to all on this dental journey!!!

jcsrn3 jcsrn3
51-55, F
Jun 23, 2007