Lucky Me

Hey All,

I had a gum graft this past Tuesday afternoon.  After reading several of your stories, I feel REALLY lucky.  First of all, I found a great periodontist. 

I had a piece of tissue cut from the roof of my mouth and placed on the lower right side.  I got an rx for vicodin and peridex.  I was not knocked out for the procedure, I only had some numbing stuff that tasted like a (medicinal) pina colada. Then the needles, which weren't bad. 

Total time in chair for me was 90 minutes.  I popped vicodin that night & all day 1 (it was 4 of July so I had off from work).  As of day 2, I've been doing advil occasionally.  I have slight swelling (thanks to keeping ice on the area for the first several hours afterward) and a little bruising - but nothing terribly obvious.  The packing/cement stuff that was put over the area fell off the second day.  Today is day 3 and I have a perpetually bad taste in my mouth - but i can handle that (and try not to talk to anyone up close).

Next year I'll do a repeat of this for the left hand lower side of my mouth.

Before closing... I do admit that I have a very strong threshold for pain, so that probably helped me in the luck department.

Good luck to future gum-graftees and speedy healing.


Mcclusky Mcclusky
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I'm happy to say that my gum grafting went very similar to your's. I had it done today Aug 1st. Let me know how well you healed up. The only thing different my Dr. didn't prescribe the Vicodin!! Advil and ice- but I'm tolerating it, thus far!!

Thanks for your story!