Grafted Today

This past year I've been in a constant rush.  All part of growing a small business, coupled with having bad time management skills.  So the result is I've been rushing through brushing my teeth, and had been substituting (unconsciously) more pressure in place of taking my time and brushing softly.  Recently I noticed a sensitivity to coldness, and after checking in the mirror, realized that the gum over one of my teeth had recessed and the root was exposed.

So flashing forward, I had my graft today (about 4 hours ago).  Not too bad.  I was so numbed up from the local anisthetic that pretty much everything went on without my knowledge.  Just what I was hoping for.

I was fitted with a pallet retainer of sorts, in order to protect the donor site.  The graft site was sutured, covered with a gauze, and almost plastered with some type of sealant.  The total time for the surgery was about 45 minutes.

Swelling hasn't been bad.  My upper left lip was a bit puffy, but I kept ice on it over the course of 2 hours and it's gone down to normal.  I was prescribed Vicodin and a mouthwash for the next 1-2 weeks.  Popped 2 of the Vicodins on Doc's orders, and have been groovy for the past few hours.

So far so good.  We'll see how things are situated tomorrow, but at the present time this has been a walk in the park.  Getting a bit irritated about the whole soft food thing, but not at all a big deal.

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Went to the dentist yesterday (apparently the perio is out of town). Relieved to hear that everything's ok. The whiteness is starting to disappear and the tissue is looking pink and happy. I'm sure I could have the stitches removed by tomorrow, but the damn periodontist's out of town until the 25th, which means I'm stuck with them for some time.

Well last night the packing fell off (the bulbous lump of silly putty). After rinsing out my mouth over the next few hours, the dried blood mostly came off. I'm a bit concerned that the grafted area is light pink/almost white in color. Another person had posted that theirs was too and it will become more pink over time. Regardless, I would like to hear that from my periodontist, who isn't answering his cell phone or returning my voicemail from last night....<br />
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Still no pain, and now that the packing fell off i'm a LOT more comfortable. The only oddity right now is a funny medicinal flavor in my mouth, which I assume is probably the flavor of the stitches.

It's interesting how differently people feel about the stent. I LOVED mine through two gum graft surgeries. It was like a security blanket. I felt like it allowed me to eat even the mush and soft food more easily than without it. I probably wore the stent longer than I needed to just because it was so comfortable and because I was afraid of tearing things open again. Even though I joked about having a stent-burning party after my last surgery, I still have it. Maybe I'm not convinced I won't need another go-around, or maybe I really will use it as a night guard for teeth grinding as I thought I would. ;-)

Day 2. Woke up with no pain at all, either at the donor site or at the graft site. Strange smell of almonds coming from both the wounds though. Just kidding! <br />
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I've taken the stint out now and have been comfortable without it for a few hours. Understand it helps healing and reduces infection by guarding the area, but man oh man is it annoying. Doc said to keep it in as much as I could for 3 days, but I sense that I'm healing super duper fast. Must be something in our water.<br />
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I did only have one tooth/gum area worked on. Also it was easily accessible, so that's likely a key factor in the ease of my experience.