I Agreed to This???

I had my graft on the 12th...here I am on the 17th with pain in my lower jaw and the top right stitches are driving me nutz! I keep on playing with the knot with my tongue. The area I had done looks funny...yeah I'm not supposed to look at it but I peek at it. My teeth hurt, not a whole bunch but some, like I was smacked in the face. I have no idea what's going on. I might have it looked at tomorrow just to make sure I'm not wasting my time thinking this is healing.
I'll keep ya posted...and on it goes.....
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How does your grafted area look now? Are the roots covered as expected?

The teeth behind the graft will feel like crap for a while...kind of like you were punched and you will not be able to put pressure on them for a bit. At one point i had the corners of the graft (it was pretty square shaped) peeling up. that was akward. the 'meat' of the graft was healing and the corners took longer. biggest trouble was to not tounge it. it may turn whiteish once it heals because it will be so much more thick there than the rest of the gum. it should be normal. if its white and still quite painful...probably a bad thing.

Well I saw my perio today. Good news she says it's wonderful and healing great and everything is a happy red color. The pain I have could be from a glob of blood that pooled under my tooth (gross I know). I have an antibiotic to be on the safe side and I am supposed to take the pain pills and the advil. I have the peace of mind I was looking for and feel better as far as that's concerned.<br />
I am surprised how major of a procedure this was. I guess I didn't look into it enough until it was done. I have another tooth to have done and I think that will wait a long time.<br />
I'll keep you posted! Thanks for the support.

Thank you....that is encouraging. Today I was in so much discomfort that I left work early. I was sick to my stomach and hurting. I get it checked out tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a week...two to go :-)

Hi Mellygrl<br />
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Just got back from my three week post op checkup. Of course as he lifted my lip I was apprehensive...scared he was going to say...."we need to do it over". However, he exclaimed, "looks great!" I asked if I would need any revision as the gum still looks like it is not totally attached to the original gum but he said "don't worry within a couple more months you will see that it all grows together". So, like you the first two weeks made me feel like I was going to go crazy...things now look better.<br />
My tongue also searched out the knots of sutures.... I also peeked and saw a glob of flesh that looked foreign. My teeth ached, I felt like I could feel a pulse in the palate donor site and I just hated how I could not really brush and clean my teeth.<br />
I wrote a post that said "first time and last time" and I still feel that way. It will be like childbirth and maybe in time I will forget the pain and do it a second time on the two additional areas that need it. For now, I was so glad to walk out of that office today....not to return for another month for my final check.<br />
Be brave, the next week will be tough but it will pass and by week 3 you should be okay.