An Awful Experience

I just had a gum graft a few hours ago. So far, recovery fine ... hopefully swelling wont be as bad as others described.

But, it was the procedure itself that left me simply enraged. 

Last year I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed with local anesthesia so the actual procedure was not what was was the behavior of my periodontist!


Throughout the surgery he spoke to the dental assistant in an extremely condescending and abrasive much so that I felt uncomfortable to even be in the room, let alone on the operating table!!!

I had noticed this same behavior during my initial visit, though thought he may be having a bad day ... it was only onCe the procedure began that I realized I was dealing with a first rate (insert profanity here).

Near the end of my procedure, after listening to his tirades for 20 or so minutes, he told me to bite down on some this point I had a lot of fluid in my mouth and my nose had become stuffed, so it was difficult to breath thru my nose...he then turned his condescending tone onto me!!!  In a truly awful tone he questioned why I wasnt biting down on the guaze as if he were questioning my sanity. I explained that I was having trouble breathing thru my nose...his response (in his now infamous tone): Why didnt you say something? As if I needed to explain that his hands were in my mouth for the last 20 minutes!

Quite honestly, it wasnt the actual conversation which angered me, but the vitriolic tone by which he spoke to his assistant and later to me!

Following the procedure he was kind enough to tell me (oh, by the way) it turns out your insurance wont cover the entire cost!!!!

What a nightmare. Dr. Howard B. Marshall. Awful.

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1 Response Jan 16, 2007