Getting 2 More Teeth Done

Last month I had a gum graft done on my front bottom tooth, and I later found out that there are 2 ways to do a gum graft. I recently went in again and got 2 more bottom teeth done on the right side, and this time it was actually easier! And the reason is because this time the dr used a method where he pull back the hard palate on the roof of the mouth, and then took out the meat underneeth, then sews the gum to the bottom teeth where the gums are receded. And then he stitches the roof of the mouth back shut. Let me tell you, it makes a big difference when they put stitches in the roof of your mouth. It's not so sensitive, and it is so much easier to eat. Apparently the first time I got it done, the dr. had to leave an open sore in the roof of my mouth because of how badly my front tooth was receded, so he needed the flesh as well as the hard palate to sew down there. Well, both times I noticed that there was a lot of soreness and swelling, so I put ice on my jaw 20 min's on, 20 min's off, all evening after the surgery. And the next few days it was pretty sore-plus I had to take an antibiotic because the dr. had to take so much out of the roof of my mouth. This time I had to leave the stitches in for 2 weeks, which is kind of distracting, but I just chew on the other side of my mouth. It really helped me to drink slimfast twice a day for snacks, while living on stuffing with gravy (no citrus foods, no no way), mashed poatoes, oatmeal, etc. I noticed I felt much much better, and had my energy back when I did that. And personally I only did 2 teeth this time around, b/c they are right near each other. Otherwise I'd just get one tooth done at a time, so I have the other side of my mouth to eat with. And I felt that applying ice 20 min's on, 20 min's off for a few hours the first night really made a difference in the longrun. (the 2nd day you're supposed to use heat instead, but I never bothered). And to the girl who had her whole upper teeth done all at once, I hope the retainer helps alot and the healing goes fast! My mouth guard kept my mouth from getting too dry. The one time my mouth started bleeding was when I didn't sleep with my mouthguard in.
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31-35, F
Jan 21, 2007