I Am Having a Gum Graft Soon...yikes

I was recently informed that I am in need of gum grafting, due to bad gums, hard brushing and grinding. After reading all your stories, I am a little more clear of the procedure, but still feeling fear and dread.

My perodentist is wonderful, and he has explained everything to me in full detail. He told me this will be painful, it's oral surgery for God sakes! He also said the worst part is the 3-5 days afterwards. Unfortunately he doesn't do IV sedation, but has offered to give me some meds beforehand so I can be (I think) asleep during the procedure (which I definitely will do!) He also promised tylenol with codine for afterwards.

I am going to try and schedule the procedure in Jan. as I recently had foot surgery and want to first completely recover from that. (Talk about pain)... I plan on having the surgery on a Thursday, and hopefully do it  the week when there is a holiday on a Monday (like MLK) so I can take off Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun AND Mon.  Of course by Tuesday, I may be bruised and swollen, but lets hope not! Before I do go in for this procedure, I am going to ask my perodentist a lot of questions, (and I got all of them from reading your stories...thank you!) 

I hope my experience isn't as bad as some that I read. It really is scary!  I have to have the left quadrant done, (4 upper and 3 lower) but also need three teeth in the front bottom done, too. The dentist said he won't do all of the work at the same time as it would be too much for me.  Any comments on that?  Lucky me, I  have to go back and do this twice.

I am up for any other advice or stories or anything anyone would like to share.  Has anyone waited or does anyone know if there is any danger in putting off the surgery for 6 months from when the dr tells you you need to get it done? I may have to have my teeth cleaned again, I just hope not another deep cleaning which I had 2 months ago.  Its a drag having teeth probs.

Thanks again for sharing your stories. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who has to have this done.


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Hello there.... I'm having mine done tomorrow. I hate the thought of being cut in the mouth. Please let me know how yours turned out?<br />
<br />
I will need some advise on yours.<br />
<br />
Let me know......

I had my gum graft done on Oct. 12th, 2007. It is now Oct. 22nd and I am almost completely healed. The surgery wasn't pleasant but it was worth it, I more afraid of what could happen if I didn't have the surgery. Good luck to you, let me know how it goes.

Did you get your graft done yet? How was it? I may have to get a graft soon.