7 Days Post-op

I had a connective tissue graft 7 days ago. It is definitely the way to go. My procedure consisted of numbing gel on the donor and receptor sites, then the actual harvesting and implanting, then the sewing up and putty. The procedure took about an hour. The work was done on 24 and 25, lower middle teeth, and seems to be healing nicely. The putty has fallen off both spots and most of the stitches have dissolved. I go to the doctor in 5 days for my check-up. I am a worry wart, but I hope everything is fine. The tissue is pink, and i try not to look at it much so as to not disturb anything, and it looks like good coverage. Wish me luck.


Went to the Perio this morning. He said that everything looked good!! It has been 12 days now post-op and he said to wait one more week before biting on foods like sandwiches and apples, because of the teeth that were worked on. I have my final appointment in two weeks.

I can still feel a little discomfort, not pain just sensitivity where the implant is healing. It is mostly pink with a little red where the recession was. It looks like everything "took" well. I will write back in two weeks with an update.


It has now been four weeks since my graft. I went to the perio on Monday. He said that everything looked good. He removed all restrictions on what I could eat, I can now bite down on foods. Today I had pizza for lunch and I was scared biting down for the first time, but everything was fine.

I go back in two months now for the last follow-up appointment. I had no recession and hope that the results are long lasting.

I agree with some of the other members, go to a perio, not a dentist. These people are professional and know what they are doing. Sure, it might cost a couple hundred more, but isn't that worth it to have the graft done right?

I hope that my story has helped to comfort those out there that are nervous about this procedure. Remember: 1) have a periodontist perform the procedure and 2) make sure it is a subepithelial connective tissue graft, not a FGG or the Aloderm. The Aloderm's results are not as long lasting as the SCG and the FGG sounds too painful. Hope this helps. Ask questions if you have them or if you want the name of my perio.

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I'm having the exact same teeth done on October 14 and was pretty scared until I read your post. The question I have is did you feel it when they did the procedure? I'm freaked out that I will feel too much such as tugging or cutting?