Three More to Go

i had my first gum graft earlier this month. it wasn't exactly a wonderful pastime, but i'll admit it wasn't quite as horrifying as i expected. i had hardly any discomfort afterwards, and my face did swell, although not to the degree i imagined it would. the most annoying part for me was that putty packing stuff they put in your mouth to seal in the new tissue. for a few days, everything i ate tasted like plaster!

i have three more sessions to go. i have recession all through my mouth, so they did the upper left side first and are going clockwise from there. as much as i despise dental work, it is bearable as far as procedures go. still, i can't wait until it's all done!

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

oh man, me either! if there's one place i hate going more than (or certainly as much as) the dentist, it's the doctor! thanks flour, i'm getting there slowly but surely!

i bet im not crazy about major dental situations but not crazy about doc. visits either-lol. let me know when you are all done!

thank you! i got a prescription for pain meds after mine, although i didn't need to take any of them. at least i'll have them on hand in case i need them later on. my next one is a week from saturday. luckily i found a specialist with weekend hours, so i don't have to put it all off until summer!

I had a similar procedure done. I had to get my gum lengthen so a crown would fit in. I also had that packing-type stuff in my mouth, which was really annoying. I had to take amoxyclin every day for a week after the procedure. Good luck with the rest of your procedures.