Not Too Awful

My experience was very similar to Parallel's and nothing like PoorVA's.

I asked around and received a referral to a good, experienced periodontist.  I did not medicate prior to the proceedure and it was almost painless. 

If was so painless, in fact, that I went back to work after the proceedure.  This was a mistake as the anesthesia wore off and I quickly went to pick up my prescription for Tylenol with Codeine.

For the "harvest site" on the pallate, rather than the putty, my periodontist fitted me with a sort of retainer-like device that fits over the roof of my mouth.  While this is uncomfortable, it does allow me to eat and drink with fairly minimal discomfort.  There is putty over the graft site.

I did not have the large amount of swelling Parrallel did and have controled the pain fairly well with 2 Advil Gel Caps twice a day.

I am sure the experience differs widely from patient to patient, but I think if I had more realistic expectations, I would have had a better experience.

My experience: It is uncomfortable and will remain so for at least a week.  I am glad I have a few days to chill out afterward.  I am also glad I researched my periodontist for one that I am comfortable with.  I have found eggs and oatmeal are good sources of energy and I have also enjoyed the odd Dairy Queen milkshake.

Please do not let PoorVA scare you off, but also be comfortable that you  really need this before going through it.

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1 Response Aug 28, 2006

Reasonable expectations? Reasonable expectations? Are you serious? You are saying that all the people with stories of unimaginable pain were just unrealistic--that they needed to change their attitude? Are you a dentist?