6 Weeks Post-gum Graft

Originally told my story on Dec. 28.  While I still stick to that story, I thought it might be helpful to let you know that I have had a great result!  The worst was over in about 2 weeks (but they were very unpleasant weeks) and then gradual improvment.  All stitches finally came out in about 3 weeks, numbness fading gradually, feels pretty normal at this point and best of all--the post-op checkup--the doctor said it looks BEAUTIFUL!  I told him I wouldn't be signing up for it again any time soon, but if it worked, it was worth it.  P.S.  I was VERY diligent about following post-op instructions, I think that helped a lot.
jccookie jccookie
51-55, F
Feb 11, 2007