My Gum Graft

I had one done on my bottom teeth on 2/20/07.  It is the morning after the procedure and it hasn't been that painful.  I didn't have any major pain and slept through the night without incident.  Advil/motrin is all that I have taken and I didn't need it today so I only took it to help with inflammation.  The putty stuff covering the donor site and the graft does leave a funky taste in your mouth and that is the worst part to me.  My mouth is a little sore for all the work but I don't have any brusing as of yet and very little swelling if any at all.  I did keep the ice pack on as instructed (10-15 minutes, twice and hour) and that did help remove the pain on the day of the surgery.  I have had numerous dental procedures done in my life and do not like sitting in that chair but I had a worse experience getting my wisdom teeth cut out but of course it is still early......  I will try and submit and update in a week.

2/22/07:  Still doing ok.  Mouth is sore mainly in graft area but no worse than an extraction.  I sometimes have a dull throbbing pain that advil/motrin takes care of. Really only bothers me after I brush my teeth or eat.  I have started using a salt walter rinse as directed 4 times a day.   Putty is still on donor and graft areas and the taste/smell of it has gone away or I just don't notice it anymore.  I feel good enough to go work out today.  I am not going to push myself so we will see......

2/23/07:  Had no problem working out.  The putty from the donor site fell off this morning as I was rinsing with the salt water soltuion.  Doesn't really hurt but feels a little raw or burned like the others described.   Didn't stop me from drinking my coffee....   My mouth is much less sore at the graft site today.  I can tell a huge improvement from one day to the next.

3/2/07:  My mouth is almost back to normal.  I never have had much pain with the graft site but the donor site did make it a little painful to eat certain foods.  I took the putty off of the graft site on 2/25/07.  It was just a little tender. I am fine now.  If I had to do it again I would have gone and had some more putty put on the donor site.  I had to go out of town to help my mother move so I didn't have that luxury.  I did get some oragel and put it on the roof of my mouth about 20 minutes before I ate and it really did help.  I could pretty much eat what I wanted.  I haven't seen the doc yet but I will next week.  My best advice is to rinse with warm saltwater after you eat or if you have pain.  It really seems to help.  I found out that you don't want to foods that can ooze over to the donor site side.  If you eat soft foods with some sturcture like green beans, scrambled eggs, pasta, etc, you can keep it on one side with no problems.  If I have to have another one I would do it.  Hope this helps.

3/6/07:  Had a followup with the doctor.  He was very please with my results.
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Feb 21, 2007