I Am 6 Days Post-op

I had gum tissue transplant surgery 6 days ago and I am doing fine.  This is my third experience, and has been the least troublesome.   New periodontist this time.  I took 1 pain pill when I got home, and never needed another.   I have no dressings in my mouth which has been very nice, because they are difficult to deal with.  The first day, the graft was white, dentist said it would pink up, and it has, a little bit more each day.  I am hungry for "real" food, and will be glad when I can eat normally again.  But the upside is that I have lost 4 lbs.  I would advise for having the procedure if you need it.... you want to keep your own teeth at all costs.
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4 Responses Oct 4, 2006

I just had this done also, just two days post-op, it's not so bad, first two nights were the worst, much better today. Can't talk very well with the appliance in the roof of my mouth, so I don't look forward in going back to work and trying to talk on the phone! Good thing I like protein shakes, cause you sure can't eat much, you have to have soup, drinks, eggs, soft food. Overall, this hasn't been as bad as I had anticipated, at least not yet!

Were you put under for the surgery? I am scared to death of oral surgery (fear of feeling the procedure) and I am going to have to have one done. Was there a reason this time was better than the other two?

I received a question by iljfatt asking why this was my thrid experience. I canot figure out how to answer her dirctly, so I will post here and hope she sees it.<br />
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To answer your question, yes they were different surgeries, different areas of my mouth, different years, different endodontists.

I am just curious to know why it was your third experience? Different surgeries, or the same one?