Would Not Hesitate to Do It Again

I have to admit I was terrified of having my first gum graft after reading some of these posts.  However, decided to go through with it.  I did not want to lose the tooth or have bone grafting.  I do recommend taking a pre-procedure anti-anxiety drug and also pain med.  That really helps with both issues.  I had a great periodontist who explained in detail everything as he was doing it.  The injections were totally not painful, even had to have a second round in the hard palate.  The procedure took about 1-1/2 hours.  I was skeptical of how I might feel after the numbing wore off, but I have had NO pain and very little oozing of the hard palate harvest site.  The tooth graft site is not painful or hurting.  Dental procedures actually usually do not bother me, although I had a very bad root canal in September, the tooth was cracked.  I would not hesitate to have this done again if recommended.  Good pre-op education and knowing what to expect, as well as how to care for yourself afterward is a huge benefit.  Also, be prepared to stay on top of the pain, and not allow it to get ahead of you by taking mediation before the pain gets too bad.  I will update later on as I progress.  The only inconvenience I am having is I have been hungry!  Cold liquids for 24 to 48 hours, then only soft foods and soups for the next 2 weeks.

Now I am 2 days post-op and doing GREAT!!  The wound oozed a minor amount of blood the first day, but very little pain, and no "pizza burn" sensation that many people have described.  I really can hardly tell the wound is in the palate, and the graft site is not swollen nor painful, just occasional ache.  There is no doubt I would have this done again if needed.  I am able to eat soft pastas and other thin or soft foods. 

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TOTALLY agree. I had the same terrific experience, and think people are inclined to report the negative instead of the positive. That is why I wanted to post my positive experience as well. Continued good luck!