Scary But Not That Bad

Im 21 years old and absolutely terrified of dental procedures.

In the past year i recently noticed that my lower front teeth had an increasingly recceeding gum line. My front two teeth had the lowest gums. I was terrified and knew that something wasn't right. The gums were somewhat sensitive to different temperatures, and would off and on hurt and sometimes even bleed.

I knew I had to go to the dentist. The dentist said that grafting was 100% necessary or that my root would soon become exposed and the teeth could eventually fall out if no action was taken placed. The dentist recommended someone for the procedure. I made an appointment and visited him in the next week. He was an absolutely awful dentist. When i was in his chair and he was explaining the procedure to me i started to cry because it sounded so intense and gruesome. When  I told him I was scared and that I didn't think i could handle it he simply walked out of the room saying "Oh well it's your choice" with no reasurement whatsoever.

I was quick to leave and find someone else. The first piece of advice i would offer to those getting this procedure is please find a dentist who you are completely comfortable with and trust. Even research them and their background if possible. After finding the right doctor and explaining my fear they prescribed me a tiny pill that i was supposed to take the morning of before the surgery. It did help with my anxiety but did not really make me too out of it.

If getting grafting done my main advice would be CLOSE YOUR EYES. Do this the entire procedure. Yes the needles are huge and there is a lot of blood but if you close your eyes and do not actually see what occurring it helps tremendously. Also ask if you could bring an i-pod or music with you. This really helped you become distracted from what is occurring. Also wear sunglasses. Where i was they provided me with some because it helps your eyes stray from opening and protects them from the bright light they shine in your face.

Ultimately it was not as bad as i thought. The needles do hurt yes, but after the first two you don't feel anything anymore. I felt absolutely nothing during the entire surgery after the needles were injected. It lasted about an hour depending on how many teeth you are getting gum grafted to. I had about 2-3 getting done.So definetly ask for a pill if you have anxiety issues with dentists, bring your i-pod, and close and cover your eyes during the entire procedure and you will be fine!

Trust me, i was really scared and felt relieved afterwards. After you will probably need some painkillers every 4-6 hours that will be prescribed for you. Eat soft foods such as soups, pastas, potatoes, yogurts, smoothies, pudding, jello etc.

The putting that is protecting your wounds are extremely important. Try to be careful around them and not have them dislodge.

I am on my second day, do not have much swelling or pain and am taking painkillers and icing regularly.

Goodluck to all getting this done, and trust me do not worry that much about it. It is necessary to get done and will prevent more serious dental surgery in the future.

Christinaaaa Christinaaaa
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2010