She didn't exactly tell me my future, she just read me basically and tried to sell me 'crystals' that represent love and luck.

She just came up to my friend and started saying things about her (I was only half-listening) that were apparently accurate. She asked her questions in general, "Are you moving?" "Do you have a child?" and other stuff and sold her 'crystals' which she fell for.

Then she just turned to me. Asked me if I were moving, no I'm not.
She stated:
"You're a push over, you let people walk all over you" (been thinking about that myself alot)
"You look pretty in pink, but you don't wear it anymore" (then my friend stated she has never seen me wear pink the 2.5 years I've known her)
"You're under a lot of stress at the moment and will be more stressed before it gets better" (I'm having an operation in a month, I keep unintentionally get worked up about it)
Then she asks if I'm seeing a young man. In a way, I sort of am but it's platonic. "You put yourself down alot, you have a lot of potential in you. Someone really likes you."

I guess in a way, she's sort of accurate about me. But I didn't buy the crystals.
Gemz2411 Gemz2411
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014