You see... I've done my own haircut, just the front, for about a year or so, now. Maybe a bit more. But last weekend, I figured: "Ah, why the hell not?" And did it all! :D Haha ^___^

Quite fantastic, the feeling. Cutting hair is fun! And as it is my own hair! Iiiih! I have no words to describe it! Just... fenomenal! :D Brilliant! :D Gah! And the result wasn't too bad either. Kinda... boyish-girl. I look like a nine year old brat! *giggle* But I like it ^____^

OleMona OleMona
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I know! <br />
Totally agreed! ^__^<br />
<br />
I'd really like to do someone else's hair sometime, though. o_O :D Haha ^^<br />
Though, I don't think someone would let me xD<br />
I look like a boy now xD<br />
If it hadn't been for the make-up, I know people would go "Yo man! Wazzap? ^^ ... O_O Holy ****, you have breasts! :O"

I know exactly how you feel, I used to cut my own hair for so long, my problem was I did it everyday, just to make it more even or... <br />
<br />
So I had really short hair for quite a long time. Then I decided to let my hair grow a bit longer and for that I had to quit the habit of cutting it myself.<br />
<br />
But nothing feels better than cutting your own hair, I am so tempted to it again!