My Poor Little Man

Usually my son is up pretty early but we had a late night so he slept in a little and then staying in his room playing cars and watching TV. The girls always sleep in but I was up and doing laundry and such and really didn't keep track of time until... "CRAP HIS MEDS". It was 11:30 when I remembered and only because he was acting like old him. He was in his room giving himself a time out when I walked in with the spoon (yogurt and his medicine sprinkled in). He doesn't know it's medicine just never asks and takes it without issue, until today. He was not finished with his mood issue and told me to get out. i replied with "I'll get out gladly once you eat this". From there it was game on and when I finally got the meds in his mouth he spit it everywhere. As I'm on the floor looking for tiny sprinkles of it he grabs a small mushroom type chair with a metal frame and begins to swing at me. If I'd block it or get it he would grab something else and swing that. I'm trying to keep him from my youngest and taking most of the blows with my arm and hand as I screamed for my oldest to help. She ran in right and caught the chair in mid stream and I took off to mix the meds with milk to see if any would get into his system.

What a day it was from there forward. He'd calm down and apologize and then lose it again and swing or throw something at me. From now on the meds are first thing as I can't keep up at this pace. As for me, my entire left thumb is purple but I escaped pretty good... this time.

What a day!
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Nope... not often. We are pretty busy but he's a handful and the little one picked up a few bad habbits. Working on getting him more help and possibly a school designed to meet his needs.

I've had a few of those days. Makes me glad to see bedtime again so I can pull covers over my head, and dream of a better tomorrow! lol. BUt seriously, girl... I don't think there's a dull day at YOUR house! :O