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Public Shower

I went for a swim this morning. The sun was out, I felt good and had on my Speedos. After the swim I went in for a shower. There is about 12 shower heads in the U shaped change room so I got into the third from the end. There was about 5 other men in there and all had their swimmers on. So after I washed my hair I decided to take off my Speedos and give myself a good wash. Once I got naked then everyone else started to take off their swimmers and ended up with a few more people in there. I think it was about 6 naked men showering at the most.

As I started to lather up and wash myself I noticed one man staring at my c***. I suppose it is different because I have a Brazilian on the shaft and sack as well as a piercing just under my head (keeps the wife happy). Any way he kept on staring and I looked around and found that her wasn’t the only one checking me out. The problem started once I touched myself between my legs to clean up. Knowing that I was being looked at and touching myself make my c*** twitch and start to grow. I had no control and the worst, or best part was that for me to leave I had to walk past everyone. So I turned to the wall to wash off the soap with a semi that grew totally rigid once the water peppered it. Here I was in the change room with nowhere to go and a raging hardon. In the end I stayed in the shower side on to the wall where only a couple of men could see me feeling nervous until I saw them looking at me with a smile on their face. My confidence grew and after a while my c*** went down to a semi and I didn’t care who saw and judging by everyones faces no one disliked.

A great swim!

sethmully sethmully 36-40, M 9 Responses Apr 10, 2010

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Nice story. I need to pay my local pool another visit soon.

It's all good!

Nothing wrong with a good hardon! You should be proud!

That is a great show you put on for everyone. what a turn on. I love how you inspired the others to get naked too.

sounds good, one of those things you feel uncomfortable at first, but then realize it's all cool.. have had similar experiences

sounds like fun...

wow, great story

sounds like a good time i have had similar situations

Sounds like a great shower after all....