Heart Attack At 46, Oct 2010

My symptom was a burning sensation high in the chest, which came and went during the day, only lasting a few minutes at a time. It was very mild. I had an ache in my jaw, but dismissed it as normal for me as I grind my teeth. I assumed it was indigestion because I was ravenous that day and eating everything in sight, and that's what it felt like -- 'heart burn.'

The same sensation woke me up early in the morning, but as soon as I sat up in bed it was gone again. I still didn't go to the hospital, but made an appt. to see my doctor. When I saw her I felt fine. When I described my experience she sent me straight to Emergency. I'm actually not a moron; denial is very common during heart attacks.

I had an ECG and blood tests, and next I knew I was in a bed, on a monitor and had a cardiologist standing there telling me I'd had a heart attack. I just kept saying "I feel fine" and "I'm only 46", over and over, like a robot. I was in CCU for a week, I had an angioplasty and one stent (90% blockage in RCA).

I was a smoker for 30 years and had high LDL but otherwise very healthy, slim, low blood pressure, no family history. The doctor said when women my age have heart attacks they are almost always smokers. Despite the long delay before treatment my heart has recovered well and I'm enjoying the rehab program at my local hospital.
Tuley Tuley
46-50, F
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I am a student of Occupational Therapy....I am wondering how you are now living your life, and what you have changed...if anything.

Hi. My health has been good since. The changes I made were staying off cigarettes and starting a regular exercise program (exercise bike and resistance training). I am on Plavix, metoprolol, Lipitor and aspirin. Follow-up with cardiologist in early 2012 to assess those meds. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the late reply.