One Day You Are The Healthiest And Next Day The Most Sick

I am 36 years old. I was very healthy, used to do everything right, at least thats what I thought.
I was a vegeterian, used to do yoga regularly, used to take fish oil, eat healthy and had no family history of heart disease. I used to read a lot about health and food. Last 1 year, I started drinking green smoothy, increased my intake of green vegetables. I was 5 ft 10 and my weight was 168lbs. I would not even call my job stressful. May be some days, but I was not that type to take stress. I had also started meditation for the last 2 years and it had helped me a lot to keep my stress level down. I also had 2 small kids, 3 and 5 and playing with them was always a stress buster.
Everything was going perfect, I felt I was healthy, was eating the right food, doing exercise and meditation. After planning for a while, I went for a 10 days silent meditation retreat. After coming back from retreat, I felt so calm and relaxed. And then...
On Friday, 4 days after I was back from retreat, I watched a nice movie, played with my kids and slept as usual. At 2:00AM, I suddenly got up with an excruciating pain near my shoulder blade. I could feel the nerve stretch in my left hand. I got up and thought may be I stretched my muscles while sleeping. I asked my wife to give me a massage and then went back to sleep thinking I will see what to do if it is still there in the morning. I got up again at 5:00AM but this time pain was 10 out of 10 and I was perspiring really bad. The worst thing was the impending sense of doom. I could feel that I was dying. I wanted to call 911 but I thought 911 is for  sick people. I should not waste their time for a backache and I am always a crybaby, can't bear a little pain. Finally waiting for 10 mins, I decided I will drive to emergency.
Feeling dizzy , with pain of 10 out of 10, I drove myself to hospital. I told my wife not to worry as I dont want to take kids to hospital so she does not need to come. The folks at hospital was quick to realize that its a heart attack. And I kept telling them , no it cant be, I just stretched my muscles while sleeping. Finally the test results came and confirmed that it was a heart attack.
I still remember the thought that I just want to live for 1 more day.I just want to play with my kids and say bye to them. Just 1 more day. Can you imagine, 1 day I was a healthy person and the next day I was begging God for 1 more day.
So finally I had my angio done. I had to stay in hospital for 4 more days as my blood pressure was fluctuating a lot.
This happened 3 months back. I am getting better each day, joined work back. But I am so confused. I still dont know what I was doing wrong to correct it. Whenever I see a video or read an article, they say don't take processed sugar, eat fruits and vegetables, dont eat lots of fat etc etc. The problem is I was already doing this and much more. I don't even remember when I had a coke, I never had any meat my whole life. My cholestrol was in the normal range, blood pressure 90/116, definitely not high.
I am still confused. I want to live but I am scared whatever I do will not help me and I will have to leave my kids early..
So anyone , please help me figure this out.....
ganand25 ganand25
4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Thanks DesertPainter..I am monitoring my blood pressure quite often far so good..
gypsyblu, I do not have any family history.. no one in my whole extended family have any heart issues..One of my distant uncle died of heart attack but that was at very old age, like 78 or 80..
jcavalc898, hope you are feeling better now..

I just had a heart attack on Christmas Day! I just turned 60 in good shape go to the gym, ride my bike 10 miles 3/4x a week and eat pretty healthy so it helps you to have a better quality of life to eat right and exercise but nothing is going to keep us from wear and tear on the body.Its part of life and the body must break down in order for us to get to our true home in heaven. I try to be the best I can while I'm here and spiritually prepare for the next!! Enjoy your life without to much worry!!

wow how are you doing now... scary to know you were dooing all the right things just to end up having a heart/a after all....... is thier history of heart problems in ur family?

ganand25 you are among many. Your blood pressure probably spiked to higher levels than you are aware of. You said it was fluctuating a lot...that's called bouncing. I had my first heart attack 2 years ago. I am a 61 yr old female,although I look more like 45 so I am told. I've had 2 angiograms, no blockages. My BP spikes and sends me into angina. I've had 12 attacks in 2 yrs and 2 episodes of congestive heart failure. My cardiologist FINALLY got me leveled out and on an additional bp med. It still spikes, but now I have a med (Clonodine) that dumps it quickly and keeps it down. I also take Metropolol to keep my heart in good rythm. There are reports today that being a vegetarian can do more harm than good in some people. It's not for everyone. And sometimes we are in stress and don't even realize it. I thought I was handling my stresses very well...apparently not. Purchase a good Blood Pressure cuff and monitor your bp 3 times a day and keep a record of it. Don't drink alcohol as it pushes up the bp. Don't RUN , brisk walking is far better for you,and DO monitor your excercise. Hug your kids and wife a lot. I wish you the best in living with your heart disease.