Really??? A Heart Attack! Really???

Still hard to believe I had a heart attack and now in the world of "heart disease".
Being a female, symptoms are sometimes not the "norm". All I did was break out in a cold sweat and my coworkers felt the need to call 911. Imagine - just because I was sweating! And to top that off - I do not like attention to myself so yes the paramedics and fireman was bringing attention to me me!
Well thank goodness my coworkers called 911 because I had a heart attack - 2 main arteries including the widow maker! After 5 stents I'm fine / just learning how to eat better then I did before.
The strange part is my cholesterol has always been below normal and I'm not overweight. Genetics is the culprit for me.
So I urge anyone that parents have had a heart attack or heart disease to please have a physical if possible as genetics plays a huge role in heart disease.
Browneyesgirl Browneyesgirl
51-55, F
2 Responses Nov 23, 2013

Glad you are well and help was timely, am sure it feels like a new beginning, good luck and enjoy , cheers

I'm so glad you are okay! My sister is a cardiologist and she says that women die from heart attacks because we are not aware of the symptoms which are different from men's.

Thank you. Since my heart attack, I am trying to learn all I can. More females die of heart disease / heart attacks then any other disease. I never knew that. I tell all my friends now to be conscious any time something just doesn't feel right. One thing I've learned & trying understand is the depression that comes along with this new "sickness" - as my dr said, mortality is a reality now & this will pass in about 6 months. I'm not bad - just sometimes have sad days. Also a personality change - who would have ever imagined.

Being married to a psychoanalysis, I am exposed to people who suffer from depression and anxiety. I went through it when my 47 year old friend died of a massive stroke. All of a sudden mortality hit me in the face like a brick. What my husband taught me was that it is okay to have all of your feelings... Even the bad ones because the feelings will pass. So whenever you are feeling depressed or sad, just let it wash over you and then let it go. You'll be okay... I promise!