On December 7, of all days, I suffered a Heart attack!

what makes this amazing is I was 42 years old!

I basically have a genetic condition that prones me to a weak heart. 

I take care of myself now, I go to spinning classes weekly to exersize my heart and hopefully never have this happen again.  I had an angioplasty done.


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Oh you also had the weird heart beat too. Yea I used to have that a lot as a kid. Heart Arrhythmia I think it is spelled. Yep it really sucks. However I think mine was associated to a weird thing I had and actually still have.<br />
I need to take Iron and Vita B from time to time.<br />
It works on Hemoglobin and Red Blood Cells. In short I was not getting enough Oxygen, and I was feeling tired all the time, falling asleep anywhere, and when I got up, I would get light headed and fall. When it was really bad I jittered on the floor.<br />
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I went through Allllll these crazy tests, only to discover through a coworker the solution. Happy to say everything went away.<br />
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The other heart thing was Stress and Anxiety. That was totally different. I am fine now, but give me 3 days of high end stress and it comes back quick. I guess I have been damaged and am a bit susceptible to it now.

Hi...<br />
thank you for nice comments. I exercise regularly and take spin classes to condition my heart. Since I started doing that I do not feel the strange heartbeat that I did when I first had my heart attack. It was not pleasant and it is scary that kids so young are having it. =(

Kids in their 20's are now having heart attacks now.<br />
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Wife is a nurse and she has seen quiet a few not make it. You were lucky.<br />
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Watch the anxiety levels. It nearly got me a few years back. What I had was a precurser to "The Big One" the doc's said. Now I am a very good boy and I changed jobs so now all is good.<br />
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Stay healthy out there, you hear? ^__^