My Holiday Nightmare

Hi I just thought I would share my story with anyone who wants to read it.
On 4th February 2013 I went on holiday with my husband, we were ment to stay for 1 week in Nurja in Southern Spain, but by day 4 the plan went horribly array.
by the late evening, I was in such pain and discomfort my husband felt obliged to call for a doctor.
When the doctor arrived he said I should go to the hospital for a blood test, he suspected food poisening but after the blood test they decided it was appendicitis, they said they had to take me to another hospital for the operation, by this time I was in so much pain I could barely stand up.
The next thing I remember I was in a hospital room, things had gotten a little complicated when a hematomia caused my appendix to burst and peritonitis developed.
I was beginning to recover, when because of all the anitbiotics being pumped into me I developed a condition called Disgusiause which was horrendus, it affected my sense of smell and taste I could not breath, eat or sleep it was the worse 2 days ever, I was then taken to another hospital and the antibiotics were changed it took 2 days for the horrid smell and taste to go away.
We finally got the fit to fly certificate on 20th Feb and flew home that same night.
The whole experience cost us £13.89 for our holiday insurance, which was fantastic and has been so straight fprward you would not believe.
I think the moral of this story is Never go on holiday without holiday insurance!!!.
oliver13x31 oliver13x31
Feb 23, 2013