Im Not Going To Cry.

I had the a horrible day! Well i cant say it was the worst day ever because honestly, Things could get be a lot worse then my so called "problems". Also im not sharing this so people can feel bad for me or talk to me, I just think that it feels good to get my problems out. Well i went to my team practice today at school , and i was a back spot for my flyer. Well she came flying down and i totally dropped her on the ground! I dont know what i was thinking. It was a total fail!! well she started crying and everyone on ym team looked at me like i was pathetic.I shook it off an d continued my practice. I was nervous. The I dropped her AGAIN!!!! Im very mad but i know life will move on. I just keep thinking that tomorrow will be a new day! Then we started tumbling. As i did my first back handspring, I fell right on my fingers. I completely crumpled/jammed them. It hurt alot but i guess i got what i deserved. Today was my last day to get my back handspring before competition. ha! that didnt happen! Im a very tall gil so tumbling might not be my thing, however im not giving up. Im not a quitter. although my spot got replaced by a girl i absolutely hate! She was obviously so happy considering shes always out to get mee! I try to avoid her as much as i can but were ever i turn around, THERE SHE IS! Oh well i guess in life you have to deal with people you dont like. Then this girl that i dislike went up to perform in front of everyone ( we all had to do this) she said " This might look rough because i learned it from abby" that's my name. I was shocked she said that and embarrassed me! oh well, i shook it off. Then before she was done she said sorry Abby tought me the wrong counts. Ugh i dislike her soo much! we both have a long history for each other, and we use to be best freinds! it didnt last long. She was always out to get me, but I WILL ADMIT IT THAT I WAS OUT TO GET HER TOO SOMETIMES!!!! but not anymore im going to be the better person. i learned alot today. Even if i had a bad day, im going to keep my head up and keep smiling. after all smiling is the best thing too do! Im not going to be angry or upset anymore, im just ging to move on. I will face many battles in life ecspecially as a teen but i know one day i will over come the war and survive. I know my problems are probably not real problems so im not going to say how horrible my life is becuase really its not. Sometimes i just need to say things could be worse and I always need to make the best out of every situation :) even if no one reads this im glad i got it out of my system!!! byeeee
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Jan 14, 2013