Questioning My Dream!

I had a dream that I was driving in my new car with my daughther in the back seat in her carseat (she is 2 1/2) and all of a sudden mu car feels realy hot by my feet, I start to panick and notice that my car is on fire and I park and jump to the back seat and try to get my daughter un-done from her car seat but its not fast enough and then my car just explodes and I just go to grab and hug my baby and we both die, then my dream reverses back to where my car is catching on fire and I jump to the back seat again and get my baby out her car seat and get hger out and throw her out of the window as fast as I can and then I try to get out but im stuck and I yell to my baby run go away please go and then the car explodes and I die again and my baby survives, And again my dream goes back to the beginig and this time i get out of the car go to my babies side and try to open the door but its stuck so I break the window and get her undone from her seat and pull her out hard and it looks like it hurt and then I gran her and the car explodes and we fall to the ground and im on top of her and shes ok but a piece of metal from the car falls on top of my back through my skin and I just see myself singing to my baby and saying its ok momy loves you s dn she hugs me and I sing to her still and my eyes close and I die and I wake up crying and so scared for our lives. So I tell my boyfriend my dream and he tells me that he had the same dream but only it was him and our daughter that it happened to that they die in a car fire. so now im a lil scared and have no clue what its suposed to mean. please help me.
jeanettepitones jeanettepitones
May 24, 2012