The Tiled Rooms

Underground or seems it. often during/after dreams of caves and tunnels. Swimming baths. Changing rooms. Showers.

Men. hurt. cant wake up or escape. Kepp going back. Don't konw why I go in again and again in the same dream. There is als o a lot of ----involved. Totally humiliated. Feel like I'm doing it to myself by going in deiberately.

I keep going back over and over. I hafv ethe dream not often but repeatedly, often it will come back mfor a little while and I'll have it a lot.

I know what it is about. I just wish I could sytop going there in my dreams because its upsetting.

demonizd demonizd
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Always!! :( <br />
You know the story. <br />
I was hoping that telling would get rid of the need to dream it. I always thought it was caused by repressing the memory. It is like lovesew says. I am hoping that sharing the story of the experiences will help stop the dreams. It is not one dream, but a set of themes and images that link between dreams, common images. Often the details are changed or it takes place within a larger dream. It is like a place that I visit within my dreams. The underground stuff can be bad.

it's a circle.. you must find the way how to get out of it.