An Exorcism

I dont know if many do, but when i dream, i do dream in color, and i feel everything.

I was in this house, It was very old, there was velvet on the walls... it seemed like an victorian house. the walls were red with velvety flowers and the floors were wooden, creaky too.
it was a long hallway and I was slowly making my way down to the living room which was also red with furniture covered in dusty blankets.

I remember running my fingers along the smooth material and rubbing the dust between my fingers and feeling the burn of it going into my nose and eyes,

I hear a laugh, it sounded young but old.. at the same time. I turn to find the noise but my eyes are watering over from the dust but yet i see nothing. just red walls.

I turn back to the couch and i see something odd. its a door. a very short small door. like a crawspace or something. so i push the dusty couch away and i try to open the door, it was stuck at first but i put my foot against the velvety walls. it came unhinged completley and i fell backwards.

after recooperating, i squeeze myself through the entrance and find narrow steps. theres a light on at the bottom. i start hearing laughter, and music. like carnival style. the hall way is tall enough for me to stand up, so i walk down the steps and i find more red. red walls, red carpet. and mirrors. lots of mirrors.

its like a basement, one side is covered in mirrors and the other three sides, nothing but bare red walls. a lightbulb just swings from a chain in the middle..

i rememember staring at the lightbulb wondering how safe that is (i dont know why lol)
and then a little girl appears. her hair is long and black, amazingly straight. shes wearing a little red dress, with a black bow wrapped around her middle. she skips past me like im not even there
and shes laughing.
and then right behind her... is her again.
but this girl is blinking and fading in and out. like a lightbulb thats bout to shortout.
the first girl, disapears but this one stops and looks at me. her eyes are completely black
no iris, just blackness

she looks at me and then her head just starts shaking, and spinning, and she starts laughing and like the laugh sounds like a bunch of people laughing at once.

then her head stops spinning and she snaps her head up at me and says "The devil will eat your soul tiffany" 

I woke up pretty fast after that. I tried to go to sleep after that but those words and her face kept echoing over and over in my head.

and the way her voice was... it was old and young.. and it sounded like people screaming. alot of people...

what do u think this means??

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Become a born again it will save u I'm being serious that is a very powerful message it is most likely from the devil him self

yes i deff agree that it is a powerful message. but i dont view myself as powerful

Oh and the fact that you saw mirrors signify how you view yourself and the red color means powerful which means this is a powerful meaning or message.

YIN and Yang... The First girl represents bad intentions, nor caring about other's concern, selfishness... Yet she appears sweet, cute and innocent... typical for evil because of deceiving others.<br />
<br />
The second girl who appears similar but scary in appearance is actually your sub-conscience trying to scare you enough to change your ways and think about what you did, didn't, or will do.... think long and hard because it will affect your future....<br />
<br />
I don't personally believe your soul will belong to the devil.... but then again your conscience knows you more than i do :)

Psychological theorists of dreams focus upon our thoughts and emotions, and speculate that dreams deal with immediate concerns in our lives, such as unfinished business from the day, or concerns we are incapable of handling during the course of the day. Dreams can, in fact, teach us things about ourselves that we are unaware of.<BR><BR>I copied and pasted that from a website by the way because i didn't know how to word it exactly.<BR><BR>Perhaps your afraid of something that your doing is wrong.