Natural Birth From Hell.

Least to say my mid wife turned out to be from hell. My sister is a Douala across the country and so I knew I wanted a natural birth...
After 33 hrs. of no med's I had to be rushed to the hospital because I was going into shock and was passing out left and right. my eyes were rolling in my head and I was blacking out while she decided to do nothing. My husband and mother insisted that I be called an ambulance and the mid wife said only if I wanted to have the baby on the side of the road and that there was no need to call 911. I was doing great at home for the first 24 hr.s managing the pain and in full control. It wasn't until I got to her birth center that I began to have complications. She kept leaving the room and ignoring me, doing improper procedures and I felt abandoned so naturally my delivery was stalling. I was pushing for 7 hrs. of hard labor and nothing was progressing even after trying everything. We ended up in the emergency room with an epidural and an emergency c-section. The ride to the hospital was so excruciating with every jostle I was going out of my mind. I woke up from my black out screaming, shaking uncontrollably and lost. I was talking to my surgeon and she said that if the baby and I didn't make it she would have punched my midwife in the face and glad we made it. I was really close to a heart attack luckily they brought us in. I found out latter that my midwife had lost a baby earlier that day and no matter what wanted to have this baby at her center. Her emotions were compromised and could have killed us. Its ironic that she did not stick around the hospital and said she'd check up on me but never did.She seemed knowledgeable, credentials were all just never know and I thought I was doing the right thing for my son.
feistypepper feistypepper
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012