We Had A House Fire November 28, 2010

We lost our home the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2010. We had been away for the weekend visiting family for Thanksgiving. When we returned home my mother that lives next door had cooked dinner for us. We went home unloaded one bag form the car, and cause the kids missed our cat, they took him to my mothers with us. We were there for a few hours. At 9:30 p.m. we left. As i rounded the the curve n the drive way I saw my house in flames. All i could here was the sounds ammo going off from my husbands gun. The entire inside of my house was engulfed in flames. I left my husband there to call 911 and took my kids to my parents so they could b safe. It seemed like forever before the fire dept got there. But i know it was only minutes. I stood there watching my house burn. The sound was deafening, like something you see on a movie. Was this really happening to us. 
      To understand my lose you first have to know the story. I lived in that house since i was six years old. My father worked his *** off buying that house. I was old but it was ours. Just a few years ago my parents gave me the house so I too could have a home for my family. Like I said it was old but it was our home. I felt so guilty like I had let my father down as I watched my childhood home go up in smoke. 
      So now we r back to the fire. When i finally get back to the house I find my husband one his knees just watching it, crying what are we going to do. There was so many friends and family there it was unreal. As I look back on it all it had to have been 100 people there. We live in the country so there were people I didn't even know there and some that where there that i did that didn't even know that was our house, The community was so unbelievable it was overwhelming.
     Since the fire we have cleared where the old sat and put n a beautiful home in its place. It twice the size of the old one and we are so proud of words can not describe. I still look around my new home and say to myself is this really ours. and then I smile and say yes dummy and u deserve it. I hope my story helps someone to know that they are not alone in this.
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Hi, I also was worried about 2nd floor upwards so set about finding the best way to get out safe from upstairs as we all no you can never say " I will never have a house fire in my home" I thought I’d be ok but to my misfortune I had a house fire 3years ago. I now have a family and DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN! It was a horrible time in my life. so I looked for day's even week's on end to find some way of getting out safe and I'm happy to say I found one so if it dose happen again (touch wood it won't) but if it dose I now have a fire escape external to my home which is safe and you can only open it from the fire escape window upstairs for BETTER SAFE ESCAPES they came round done a free fire safety test on my home gave me an evacuation plan for my home and showed me a sample of the fire escape they do. It goes without saying I got one installed the very next week!! I would have had it there and then if they brought one with them to fit but had to wait till it was made. So my advice is protect the loved ones in your home with a BETTER SAFE ESCAPE as there slogan said "you're better safe than sorry" there website is www.better-safe-escapes.co.uk