October 6 2011

Yesterday my dad and fiance house caught fire from a power bar we lost pictures our dog bambam and our bird kirara, now your lucky that we have fire alarms cause if we didnt my stepbrother and his girlfriend wouldnt have made it out of the house,
my mom is devestated of the sight of her home in cambridge ontario. lucky that they are going to rebuild the home,
if it wasnt for the loss of pictures and the two pets she said she would be okay, since shes going to be getting a new home,
we got the newspaper this morning and they told a complete lie about what happend basement blaze and dog and bird dies and one lives, acutally the fire happend in the living room, the bird and dog died and there were three dogs saved from the fire, the house is basicly three parts theres two in the front kinda like apartments and a big one in the back where we live we rent out the front cause we dont need that big of a house, the fire took out our whole living room walls the roof the whole living room everything in it melted except for the birds cage its metal, i was staying at my moms house when the fire happend well i was at school at 2 in the afternoon i went to see the house for the first time today, everything is black its a diffrent house..i want everything to be okay...
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1 Response Oct 7, 2011

Hi, I also am worried about 1st floor upwards so set about finding the best way to get out safe from upstairs as we all no you can never say " I will never have a house fire in my home" I thought I’d be ok but to my misfortune I had a house fire 3years ago. I now have a family and DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN! It was a horrible time in my life. so I looked for day's even week's on end to find some way of getting out safe and I'm happy to say I found one so if it dose happen again (touch wood it won't) but if it dose I now have a fire escape external to my home which is safe and you can only open it from the fire escape window upstairs for BETTER SAFE ESCAPES they came round done a free fire safety test on my home gave me an evacuation plan for my home and showed me a sample of the fire escape they do. It goes without saying I got one installed the very next week!! I would have had it there and then if they brought one with them to fit but had to wait till it was made. So my advice is protect the loved ones in your home with a BETTER SAFE ESCAPE as there slogan said "you're better safe than sorry" there website is www.better-safe-escapes.co.uk