My **** Brothers

This happened when i was 14 i lived with my two older brothers 16 and 17. They both had g/fs and made fun of me for not

getting any dates. My parents went to a party and left them in charge of me while they were out. As soon as they

were gone, they both called their g/fs over to our house and told me to go to bed. They wanted to be

alone with them and got mad at me because I wouldn't leave. I guess I had it *******, because they jumped on me and took my

clothes off, held me down and spanked me right in front of their g/fs. They did it just to humiliate me and

give their g/fs a sexy show. I was bent over the back of the sofa, spanked ten times with my legs spread

apart so they could get a rear view of my butt and balls. I ran as fast as I could when they let me go and locked

myself in my room. I'll never forgive my bro's for putting me threw such an embarrassment. I never said a word

about it because I think I would die if everyone found out. Just knowing that their g/fs saw me with no

clothes on is horrible enough.
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Jul 18, 2010