Naked and Humiliated In My Own Home

My name is Simon, I am 31 years old and have a condition called Myasthenia gravis which means although I look normal enough I have very little muscle strength in my limbs and need home care to help me with things like bathing. My most humiliating experience occurred while taking a bath. My usual healthcare assistant was away and in his place was 24 year old Gemma, a heavily-pierced girl with bright orange hair. With her help I had lowered myself into my bath and then removed my small towel when my bits were hidden under the water by the bubbles.This is the way it's always done. While I was bathing on my own, two 'assessors' arrived and were let in by Gemma. I had been warned that an assessment of my care needs was to happen soon. What I wasn't expecting was for them to barge straight into my bathroom. They were 2 girls in their early 20s. They said the were here to see what I could/couldn't do. They were very giggly and not what you'd call professional at all. When Gemma was to lift me out I put on my towel and asked Gemma to tie it at the back. At which point she tells me not to be so silly and lifts me out of the bath completely uncovered. The 2 girls begin to giggle again, one hiding her mouth behind her clipboard. I am sat down on the chair, my arms are too fatigued to do anything but hang there lifelessly. I am feeling completely humiliated - naked in front of 3 girls (complete strangers). As Gemma grabs hold of my penis to dry it, it all gets too much for me - such a range of emotions I am experiencing - to my horror I find myself getting an erection. The 2 assessors are now openly laughing and even Gemma can't hold her laughter. Gemma continues to dry my now fully erect penis looking me in the eye with a huge smirk on her face... That day I felt so foolish at being aroused, but I can't escape my emotions. I was humiliated and aroused at the same time and I feel ashamed to say that I now often mastubate when I think about that day. Is this wrong?
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3 girls touching you... and you didnt take advantage of that? What is wrong with you?