33 Yrs. Old Had To Have A Hysterectomy

I am 33 yrs old & I had to have a davincci hysterectomy because an o.b. neglect to treat my ailment correctly. I suffered from 2 tubal pregnancy in the span of 1 year. The first one was not so devastating to my body so it was decided to abort the child & not do surgery. Exactly a year later I find out I'm pregnant again & a few days before my appointment I found myself on the floor in the most excruciating pain I had ever felt I crawled to a phone & called for help. I found it was another tubal pregnancy. The ER Dr. had prepared me for surgery & called the o.b. to do it. When the o.b. arrived he elected not to do the surgery causing major conflict between the 2 of them. All in all I didn't have the surgery then because the o.b. refused to do it. Months later I was still in major pain & he told me it was not his problem to go see my family Dr. which I did. Family Dr. told me to go find a specialist which I did. He said I had to have a hysterectomy because my tube (which is ruffly the size of the pinky finger) was swollen to the size of a sausage & mangled. He could not save my fertility. A hysterectomy generally takes about 1 1/2 -2 hours, I had so much damage that my surgery took 4 hours. After surgery the Dr. told me if I would have gotten pregnant again it would have been extremely deadly because my tube was so weak I could have hemorrhaged before they could get in to fix it.
I'm thankful for my surgeon. However, if it wasn't for the neglect of the other Dr. I would still have my fertility!
crystalwolf77 crystalwolf77
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2011