What To Do At 35? Help!!

Over the last few months my life has been full of surprises... the latest was an abnormal pap that turned into a biopsy then a second one ...OUCH!! to a D&C and then finally being diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium in only a month's time... Although, aside from the occasional emotional breakdown, i seem to be taking this well.

I'm only 35 and do not have any children yet. My hope was to someday have a child and now i'm faced with the decision to have a full hysterectomy or try to fight it aggressively...Geez..could they have given me a bit more time? So far, everyone I've spoken to has recommended that I go ahead and have the hysterectomy yet, none of them are in my position or as young as I am. I know they mean well and I take their suggestions and concerns into consideration but, i want to hear from someone that has experienced this first hand.

I want to make my decision based on the experiences others who have personally lived this.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? What was your decision and what was the outcome? What would you have done differently? Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you and I wish you all well.
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You got alot of problems..i like that

I don't know if you had your surgery already, but I just wanted to offer you a hug. I know how difficult this decision is, especially when you want children. I'm sorry you are hurting, sweetie. Whatever your decision was, I hope it turns out the best for you, your health, and your quality of life.

I had my hysterectomy May 24, 2012, but I was 47 and wasn't able to have children due to fibroids, adenomyosis, and adhesions. Even with fertility treatments when I was younger, they said my chances were 20%. My reproductive organs were too messed up.

For me, now that I've had it done, I'm glad I did it. My quality of life is so much better without the constant pain & bleeding. I kept one ovary so I will go through natural menopause, so I'm not taking anything. This surgery gave me back my quality of life.

Yes, I Had My Surgery On Feb 4. Thank You For the support And For Sharing.

I have not gone through this...although i did have a hysterectomy at 39, but i had 2 children and was done anyway. When they say you could fight this aggressively...do they give you any odds or percentages on getting pregnant anyway?

I will have a 25% chance of getting pregnant.

Oh gosh...so not great. Have you made any decision yet?..very tough

No, not great odds but my decision will be made on Tuesday when i get the results of my MRI. I do know what I'm leaning towards since i truly dont have a lot of options

Well...i wish you peace with whatever your decision is...and the healthiest of outcomes.

Thank you...do you mind if i ask you personal questions of your side effects after your hysterectomy?

No i don't mind at all...what questions did you have in mind?. My recovery time was slow for me....

Is the recovery painful? What type of hysterectomy did you have? What do you recommend before and after the surgery?

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