2 Weeks Post Hysterectomy

Hello to everyone I had a TAH Jan 28 2009. I had numerous issues with Endo and Cysts and positive paps 45 and have already raised three girls it was time to move on and rid myself of pain. It is amazing to me how some of us have to fight for a Dr to hear what we have to say. I finally found a wounderful Dr who agreed with me. I am almost 2 weeks post surgery still real sore moving a little better every day. I am experiencing some hot flashes on and off and the dreaded crying and feeling empty. I am one to work,work ,work and sitting still is hard for me. I will also be glad when the dreaded gas and swelly belly goes away!!! I had tried for two years to loose weight and was never sucessful I am hoping now with the surgery behind me I can drop just ten pounds or so and I will be happy. I am hoping that the pain will be gone for good and also a decrease in UTI'S It is great to talk with other women who have gone through the same for encouragement and just conversation.

batnda01 batnda01
Feb 10, 2009