Surgery Surprise

When I was 8 years old (which is 9 in Chinese years because we count birthdays from the conception day), I got my first menses. On that day, I got into an accident and was wounded in the lower abdomen. This caused endometriosis and I had to have many surgeries to keep removing it which caused a lot of scarring inside.

The pain got so bad during my monthlies that I had to have yet another surgery to remove the scar tissue. This time, they removed everything, even the ovaries, because everything was webbed together. I didn't know about this because I was unconscious at the time so I wasn't given a choice.

Now I have a smiley face scar on my lower belly from hipbone to hipbone.

I'm not even 30 yet.

This happened last month.

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I am amazed at how well you are taking this problem!<br />
<br />
Maybe it is good that you are not compelled to have children. Although that is the worlds lost. <br />
<br />
You are indeed very special and exotic. The first second I saw your avatar picture I wanted to know you better. Ha! I am 65 and very ill but I am still a man! <br />
<br />
I am lucky that illness slowed me down enough that I too got a pc and started look for things to do until I found EP. Thanks to my illness I am very fortunate to know the most beautiful, intelligent, and brave woman that I have ever know outside a James Bond movie!<br />
<br />
Nothing can keep you down and soon you will be unleashed onto the world as you were. I hope to hear about your new adventures.<br />
<br />
One more little detail, I just sent you a PM about Jet travel and I want to wish you a safe landing…DD

Hi Xiaomei<br />
Each time I read what you have written you rise in my esteem. How hard this has been for you but I am sure you are right not to grieve so much. Your health, to be free of pain, and your life are the most precious treasures. Please do take all of the time you need to recover well. There are Adventures ahead for you for certain and there is no rush!<br />

Heavens, my dear girl. What an ordeal. I do hope you are feeling better and regaining some of your strength back now. According to your story, it has now been about 3 months since your surgery. My sister had a partial hysterectomy and she said it was 6 months before she was fully recovered. So another 3 months and you should be right as rain. Slowly does it, all right? There's a good girl.

That must be tough to accept at your age, esp when you didn't make the decision. Here in US, they usually warn you of such possibilities before the surgery, and have you sign OK, so you, at least, have some time to think about the possibility. I was 40 when I had mine. Adnomyosis was my diagnosis. Lots of little mushroom type growths all over the outide of my uterus. Same basic symtoms -- severe cramping, flooding, bad backache and diarrhea. I have what they call a bikini scar like yours, as if I would ever wear a bikini! I never regretted my surgery, I felt so much better afterward. But I had my son very young (19) and planned on no more. I am sure you will feel ever so much better now. You are probably almost recovered by now, right? Still, how will this affect you personal plans for marriage and family? Woud you consider adoption? Don't be afraid to grieve for your loss,Mei. Your hormones will be willy nilly for a while anyway. That's something else you have to think about.HRT or not? They say the bio-similar (?) ones are safe and effective. I would research that for myself. Don't just do what the drs say first w/o checking. Be well soon!